Welcome to an area of beauty, recreation and classic American values...Hardy, Arkansas! This area, known for it’s beautiful scenery and its friendly people, is also one of the physically safer parts of the world. With threats of earthquake and wild fires so low, Hardy is a beautiful place to retire or to raise a family.

Beginning near the Missouri border in north central Arkansas, the Spring River is often described as Arkansas' most beautiful natural stream. The Spring River, which begins in Mammoth Spring, flows through Hardy, Arkansas. The Spring River flows into the Black River, which flows into the White River, and the White River eventually empties into the Mississippi River. U.S. Route 63 is the main highway which runs through the town and in its course through Arkansas, Route 63 runs from the Missouri state line at Mammoth Spring to connect with Interstate 55 near Gilmore. The Spring River is crystal-clear, with long pools and whitewater falls. Nine million gallons of water flow out of Mammoth Spring every hour, generating the Spring River as a racing stream, just right for fishing and floating. There's no getting around the fact that Spring River is chilly. After all, nine million gallons-every hour-of 58 degree water is hard to ignore! But it is this volume of cool water that: 1) makes the Spring River a year-round float stream; and 2) allows the river to be regularly stocked with rainbow trout.

The Spring River above Hardy features rapids and waterfalls just right for canoeing. One especially noteworthy spot is High Falls, a six foot waterfall which looks considerable taller than that from a canoe going over its brink. The constant flow from Mammoth Spring makes the Spring River a dependable year-round stream for floating, even in the summer months when other creeks are too low. Clear water, overhanging trees, and occasional wildlife make the Spring a scenic float. The very construction of the river itself (a stair-step series of ledges and pools) make it one of the most interesting and appealing in the state.

In addition to trout, the Spring offers high-quality smallmouth bass fishing and seasonal walleye fishing These two species are scattered in the river from Myatt Creek to well below Hardy. Spring River anglers will also find good action for jumbo channel and flathead catfish, tail-walking spotted bass, and small but sassy rock bass, warmouths and long red ear sunfish.

The Spring River is more than enough whitewater fun for most paddlers. It offers rapids and falls that challenge your skills without being "skull crushers". The river is very scenic and offers a ride that is both quasi-wild and mild, wet and dry, fast and faster, yet still leaves time for photographs -- so stop occasionally and take some! Just make sure your camera is stored in a safe, padded, dry container to protect it from the bumps and possible submersion in case you take an unscheduled swim at one of the falls. If you are a fisherman who enjoys running whitewater, then the Spring River is right up your alley!

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